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Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. always had a strong bond with basic industrial chemicals and its trading. We have a strong network with Asia Pacific, European Union and Middle East. We provide our customers not only quality product but also extended supply management services


Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) also termed trisodium orthophosphate with chemical formula Na3PO4 with hydrated forms. It is an extremely water-soluble ionic salt and it gives alkaline pH in the solution. In most of the cases this compound is used as heavy duty cleaning agents, its cleaning action can be attributed by its pH value of 12, it means the chemical is an alkaline. All the alkaline agents notably have a tremendous capacity to remove greases and oils, and hence this pH 12 compound is capable of doing more actions in removing stains.


Product Applications

Trisodium phosphate can be employed as a nutritional supplement that can improve certain parameters of exercise performance. The basis of this belief is the fact that phosphate is required for the energy-producing Krebs cycle central to aerobic metabolism.


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